AMP Business Coaching Client Reviews

Angela Said:
“I recently took a class from Alice Pallum—“Run The Day or The Day Will Run You!” I have tried many calendar strategies. My answer always ended up being just “don’t schedule too much”. If my calendar was too full, I would feel overwhelmed and probably drop balls. Alice helped me figure out how to honor my needs on my calendar, so that I can give my all to the items that are important enough to get on the calendar. She saw my individual obstacles and helped me work through them. So worth the money!”

Chris Said:

Brandon Said:
“My name is Brandon and I am an insurance agent and quite frankly before I met Alice my personal and professional life was a mess. Then I met Alice with AMP Enterprises and she took the time and understanding to review my current process and help me adjust and correct my errors over time. I can truly say my time and management skills and organization skills have changed my life. Alice, thank you so much and keep changing people’s lives. I appreciate it.”

Suzanne Erkel Said:
“I really am seeing a return on my investment from this Goal setting course offered by AMP enterprises. As a constant procrastinator and absent minded business owner it has been a tremendous aide to keeping my goals in the forefront of my mind, allowing me to actually achieve them. I have always had goal, however, I never really had a plan of action, nor the accountability I need.”

Anne Steffen Said:
“Alice is super good at what she does. She is my business coach and is so patient and knowledgeable & has guided me through my business journey with proven positive results. So excited to continue to work together in the future. Thanks Alice!”

Jeff Borglum Said:
“Alice has a great wealth of business experience to draw from her life, and provides some very insightful recommendations and conversation that has helped me grow my business. She has provided several tips to old strategies that I have never heard before that are new and thought provoking.”

Austin Havig Said:
“Alice is great!
I wear many (all) hats in my business, each with their own tasks and timelines. I had a “go with the flow” approach to my day. I could get pulled off on tangents, some days felt like I was just spinning my wheels.
Alice was able to help me develop a custom approach to my scheduling that was a.) actually something that I can/would stick too and b.) effective.
“Run the day or the day will run you”…well Alice’s help I definitely run the day!”

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