Affordable Twin Cities Group Business CoachingAt AMP Business Coaching, we’re proud to offer weekly group business coaching to business owners in and around the Twin Cities area. These group coaching sessions offer a number of advantages compared to traditional business coaching. All classes are once a week at the same time. And each group lasts for exactly one hour and offered. These group coaching sessions are interactive, on zoom and homework is assigned.

Advantages of Group Coaching

Cost – One of the biggest advantages of group coaching is that because multiple business owners are participating together, the costs can be reduced. This means that you’ll be able to receive the same level of attention at a price that is hopefully must easier on your budget.
Learn from Other Entrepreneurs – Group business coaching allows you to not only learn from Alice Pallum, but to learn from other business owners as well. Many times these business owners may be struggling with the same issues as you and talking them through in a group setting can create incredible results. You can often take some of the ideas from other business owners and implement them within your own company, even if they’re in a completely different industry.
Virtual Group Coaching Sessions – With COVID-19 still fresh on everyone’s minds, all of our group coaching sessions are 100% virtual and take place on Zoom. This way you can attend these meetings from your home, office, or even while on vacation! This makes it much easier for anyone to attend these sessions regardless of their location.
Weekly Meetings – Alice is now offering weekly group business coaching sessions at a number of different times to meet the needs of her clients. With convenient times throughout the day you should be able to attend these sessions and begin to implement the actionable advice and see your business begin to take off!

Learn More About Group Business Coaching Sessions

Are you interested in learning more about group business coaching with Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching? If so, feel free to reach out to her today. You’ll be surprised to know that these virtual coaching sessions are extremely affordable and meant to help you chart a path forward for your business. We’re all experiencing great uncertainty in our lives and businesses due to COVID, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up the fight. Instead we need to double down and create an action plan to not only survive, but thrive during this season of uncertainty.

Reach out to Alice today by text or phone at (612) 799-3991 to learn about how your business can benefit from these group sessions.

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