Andover Business Partner CoachingIf you own a business with a partner you likely understand the ups and downs of working with someone so closely. Business partners can be a great asset, but can also quickly bring frustration and animosity. If you’re at a standstill with your business partner about a certain issue, or you’re looking to just improve an already fruitful relationship, working with a business partner coach in Andover could be beneficial for a number of key reasons. Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching offers business partner coaching for business owners of all sizes. Learn more about why her skills and experience may be a good fit for your business.

Signs You Need a Business Partner Coach

Below are just a few signs that your business could benefit from a business partner coach:

Breakdown of communication – Successful business partnerships require constant and clear communication. If you and your partner are no longer communicating effectively, this could lead to significant problems in your business. You need to schedule time to sit down, face to face to go over the state of your company and what each of you wants out of the business.
Inadequate compensation – Money is often one of the most commonly disputed topics in a marriage as well as in a business relationship. If you and your business partner are starting to get resentful about owner compensation, it’s important to address this issue head on before it becomes a major problem.
Unclear roles – As companies grow, they often change significantly. As your company has grown do you feel like you’re not clear about who is responsible for what duties within your company? If so, it’s important that you sit down and create a clear division of labor so that everyone is crystal clear on their responsibilities within the company.
Partner burnout – Are you or your partner experiencing burnout that is affecting the trajectory of your business? If so it’s important to identify the root cause of these issues so that they can be rectified to ensure your business survives.

Learn More About Business Partner Coaching

Owning and managing a business is challenging, with or without a business partner. If you and your partner are looking to move past some current challenges, whether they’re personal or business related, Alice Pallum would be happy to help. Give her a call or text today at (612) 799-3991. Alice will be glad to offer a free business evaluation to determine how you can benefit from business partner coaching.

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