Anoka Business ConsultantHas your business growth hit a bit of a rough patch? Whether due to the COVID-19 epidemic or just due to other factors, Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching is here to help. As a local Anoka business consultant, Alice has decades of experience helping business owners document and track their business growth. Feel free to learn more about the many benefits of working with a business consultant.

There are countless reasons why it makes sense for business owners to work with a business coach, a few of which we’ll dive into below:

1. Accountability – As a business owner, you often don’t have someone who can hold you accountable for the decisions that you make. This can cause some problems as you attempt to grow your business. Some of the decisions required to grow your business may require you to step out of your comfort zone, which is why accountability can be so important. Alice will be sure to put accountability checks in place to ensure you’re following through on the tasks that are needed to take your business to the next level.
2. Experience – Working with a business coach like Alice gives you instant access to her decades of experience both in the private sector as well as working with countless other business owners. This experience can help you to shortcut the time it takes to reach your goals.
3. Goal Setting – A Harvard Business Review study found that those who set goals were 10 times more successful than those who didn’t. This is an astounding statistic and shows just how important setting regular goals can be to help you grow your business. Goal setting is one of Alice’s key strategies that she uses to help businesses see significant growth over a relatively short period of time.
4. Sounding Board – Being a business owner can be a lonely existence, especially when times are tough. Alice understands this due to her business experience and is happy to lend an ear when you need one. Sometimes just talking through a problem can unearth a solution that you might not have thought of on your own.

Why Work With An Anoka Business Consultant?

If you’re unclear how to pivot due to COVID-19, or if you’ve been meaning to connect with a business coach for quite some time, feel free to reach out to Alice Pallum with AMP Business Coaching today. She can be reached via phone or text at (612) 799-3991 and will even offer a free business evaluation to determine how hiring a business coach could benefit you and your organization.

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