Best Business Startup Coaching ServicesLooking for the best business startup coaching services in the North Metro area? If so, you’re in luck because Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching has been in the area providing coaching services for quite some time. One of her passions is working with startups who are just beginning their journey into the world of business ownership.

Owning and running a business can be extremely challenging. A business coach can help business professionals avoid some of the common mistakes that can literally cripple a small business. Alice has the industry experience needed to help you get your business started on solid footing.

Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Below are just a few of the common mistakes Alice sees when working with startup businesses in the North Metro area:

Not Planning Properly – Many business owners are so eager to start a business that they forget about the importance of having a solid plan in place. This plan includes research about your product or service, as well as a concrete financial plan and marketing plan.
Not Setting Goals – Without goals it can be hard to track how well your business is doing. Alice can help you to set and stick to goals to ensure you have the best chance of business success.
Undercharging – Too often business owners will undervalue their products or services, which can lead to tight cash flow. Explore the market prior to launching your business to determine the best price point for your products or services.
Avoiding Marketing – New business owners have a lot to juggle, so marketing can often be one area that’s overlooked. The reality is that marketing is the lifeblood of any business and it’s critically important that startups focus significant resources on ensuring a steady pipeline of customers are always “coming in the door”.
Not Knowing Your Customer Avatar – One of the keys to an effective marketing campaign is knowing your ideal customer. Without adequate customer research your marketing campaigns may fall flat simply because you weren’t targeting your ideal customer.

Interested in Learning More About Startup Coaching Services?

If you’re in the process of launching a new business, hiring a startup business coach could be one of the best decisions you make to shortcut your path to success. To learn more about our business coaching services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching today at (612) 799-3991.

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