Flooring Company Improves Processes And Partnership Dynamic With Business CoachingAlice of AMP Business Coaching recently worked with a successful local flooring company who was looking to increase capacity, while maximizing profits and improving the dynamic between the two owners. In businesses it is important to understand everyones role. In this case study we’ll detail how this coaching engagement worked and the benefits that the flooring company has achieved.

Processed Started With Identifying Owners Daily Routines

When Alice works with partners, one of the first tasks she performs is to actually take a look at what each owner is doing on a daily basis. This means multiple trips to a company and physically observing how they work and what processes and workflows are in place. This is incredibly important because it is a great way to identify strengths and blind spots.

In this instance we actually hired a new team member to focus on the tasks that didn’t align with either partner’s skillsets. We also developed a process for onboarding this new team member and put training mechanisms in place to ensure they learned the business inside and out.

Implemented Variety Of New Processes To Boost Efficiency

During this coaching engagement we implemented a variety of new processes, a few of which included:

Weekly staff meeting – We added a weekly staff meeting with a set agenda to help chart out what’s working and what needs to be tweaked in the business. This meeting is key to ensure the company is moving in the right direction at all times.
Whiteboards – While this may seem simple, adding whiteboards in the warehouse helped to keep everyone within the company apprised on the status of jobs as well as when materials needed to be ordered and when they were ready to be delivered to customers.
Email newsletter – Adding an email newsletter allows the flooring company to constantly remind current and previous customers that they are ready and willing to offer additional flooring services.
Seasonal Promotions – While some business owners may neglect promoting their business, it’s imperative that marketing is ongoing to ensure a steady pipeline of leads. We worked with this flooring company to put processes in place that help to highlight seasonal topics that will bring customers in the door all year long.

Flooring Company Poised For Success

After implementing many of the processes mentioned in this case study, this local flooring company is running more efficiently and profitable than ever before. If you’d like to do the same for your own business, give Alice Pallum at AMP Business Coaching a call or text today at (612) 799-3991.

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