Goal Setting and the Business CoachIt is normal for business success to plateau at times and leave you looking for new ideas or perhaps a way to focus your ideas in a productive way to give you the best chance for success. A business coach may be exactly what you need to take your business and your ideas to the next level. Goal setting is one critical element for moving an idea forward and AMP Business Coaching can help you set reasonable goals and develop a specific strategy for meeting them so that you can be confident that you will achieve the outcome you are looking for. Alice Pallum, President of AMP Enterprises, Ltd. has been providing business consulting services for nearly two decades. She can tailor an approach to your unique needs and offer a variety of business coaching services for individuals in the St. Paul, Minnesota area including:

1. Entrepreneur Coaching: If you are an entrepreneur and you are running your own business (or multiple businesses) we can offer support, guidance and help you prioritize your time.
2. Group Coaching: Group coaching is an affordable way to begin business coaching. This type of coaching allows you to learn from other business owners in a community setting, keep costs down and network.
3. One on one coaching: Our one on one coaching function focuses on giving you the individual attention that you need to propel your business to reach optimal success. We can help you set goals, develop a timeline and make sure that you have measurable outcomes that you can share.
4. Start up Coaching: Start up coaching is for those who are just starting a new business and addresses the specific challenges that come with this new initiative.
5. Partner Coaching: Working with a business partner can be incredibly rewarding and also challenging. We can help you get the most out of your partnership, use each others strengths to benefit your business and address problems when the arise.

Benefits of Goal Setting and Accountability for your Business

One of the common themes that come up in each type of business coaching we offer is goal setting and accountability. AMS Business Coaching simply believes that you have a much better chance of achieving success and maintaining it if you are able to set attainable goals and work toward reaching them each and every day. Owning and running a business is a huge challenge with incredible rewards. Getting the support you need to lead your business can be invaluable. For more information about the business coaching services we offer, call or text AMS Business Coaching today at 612-799-3991 today to get started!

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