Hiring the Perfect Business CoachAre you looking to expand your existing business, but don’t quite know where to start? No matter how bad or productive your business has been in the past, having your business evaluated from a knowledgeable third party is a great idea. One way to make sure that you’re taking the right steps with your business is by teaming up with a business coach. There are plenty of business coaches out there in Minnesota. Hiring the perfect business coach for your business could make or break your long-term goals. The great news is that our team at AMP Business Coaching is that perfect partner for you. Our President, Alice Pallum, has the experience, knowledge, and attention to the fine details to ensure future growth with your business.

The Brains Behind AMP Business Coaching

If you’re not familiar with Alice Pallum, it will not take you long to find out about her wonderful industry accomplishments. As the President of AMP Business Coaching, she brings the Minnesota community more than 17 years of exceptional experience. In her past professional roles, Alice was VP of Field Technology at American Express. Here she managed a budget of 93 million dollars and served in a leadership resource across the company. Alice has a passion for small businesses around the Minnesota community, which is why she is so heavily involved in BNI and business networking groups. During her membership with BNI, she’s carried various roles including President, Vice President, Mentor Coordinator and Event Coordinator. This has helped her become the perfect business coach for her clients of all backgrounds.

Business Coaching Services Near Me

There is a lot that Alice and AMP Business Coaching can do to help your business soar into the future. Some of our key business coaching focus areas include the following:

● Entrepreneur Coaching – Starting a business on your own can be challenging. As your business coach, Alice can help you make those critical business decisions that you may not be comfortable making on your own.
● Group Business Coaching – If other owners are involved, our business coaching services can help your team develop effective business strategies.
● One to One Coaching – If you feel like you’ve lost some of the passion that you used to have for your business, our one to one coaching can help you re-light that fire and regain focus.
● Business Startup Coaching – At AMP Business Coaching, we’re here to help increase the likelihood of a successful startup business.

Alice Pallum and AMP Business Coaching is here to help you take a look at the overall success of your business. Through this thorough evaluation, we can provide recommendations to help resolve issues, streamline processes, implement new programs as well as grow. If you are in the Minnesota area, Alice is the perfect business coach for you. To learn more about AMP Business Coaching, give us a call today at (612) 799-3991.

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