Should I Hire a Coach When I Start my BusinessStarting a new business is a challenge. It may be an exciting and welcome one, but it is still a challenge. In fact, for many entrepreneurs, this challenge is part of the appeal. Even if you have significant business related or start up experience, launching a new company takes time, energy, vision and grit. Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching has extensive experience working with new business owners to navigate this process. She can tailor her support and guidance to your specific needs but generally focuses on the following:

Delegation Strategies: When you are a small business owner, you likely are a go-getter and are ready and willing to do any and all tasks that need to be done. That can be a very helpful quality when you start your own business but can also get in the way. Learning how and what to delegate is one big step toward creating a successful business model. Alice Pallum can talk to you about your business set-up and help you develop successful delegation strategies.

Big Picture Strategic Planning: A business start-up coach can also help you with big picture thinking. It is easy to fall into the trap of tunnel vision and the daily grind. But, it is important to the success of your business to think about your vision for the future so that you can reach your long term goals.

Setting Reasonable Targets: Another important function of a business start-up coach is to help you set reasonable targets so that you can measure your success as time goes on and make necessary adjustments. Working with a business coach can provide you with a way to have the accountability you need to push your business toward success.

Business Startup Coaching Services

AMP Business Coaching understands what it takes to make a new business succeed. Alice Pallum has the experience working in a business setting and she brings this to each of her clients. Business startup coaching is an investment. The reality is that you simply cannot launch a new business alone. You need employees to help you with the work and a coach can help guide you through the process. Our team can help you reach the goals you set, avoid the common pitfalls of starting your own business so that you have the best possible chance for success. For more information about our business startup coaching services, call or text 612-799-3991.

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