Starting Your New Business Venture With A Business CoachCongratulations for starting your new business! Alice Pallum and her team at AMP Business Coaching understand the difficulties that arise when starting any type of business. While starting a business here in Minnesota has its challenges, the rewards are immense. One way to shortcut this arduous process is by starting your new business venture with a business coach. Alice Pallum is a highly seasoned business coach in Minnesota with decades of experience in the business arena. Alice has worked for businesses both big and small and has a special fondness for helping startup companies get off the ground.

Why Hire a Business Coach When Starting a New Business?

There are countless reasons why it makes sense to hire a business coach when you’re just starting out, a few of which include:

Learn from other’s mistakes – Many small businesses make the same few mistakes when starting out. A business coach can help you avoid these mistakes and help to streamline your business processes as you grow. When starting a business, you need to immediately think about your company as an actual business and not just something you’re doing for fun. This focus on professionalism will pay huge dividends as your business grows.
Grow sustainably – When new companies start to grow, they often will either plateau at some point or grow so quickly that they become unsustainable. Investing in a business coach can help a company plan for growth and only do so when it makes sense from a financial perspective. Growing just for the sake of growth isn’t always the best option for a small company.
Always be marketing – One key that Alice often sees when working with her clients is that they will stop marketing or selling when they reach a certain size. This is a big mistake because over time you will lose clients. If you don’t have a full pipeline ready to replace these clients, you’ll find yourself slowly cannibalizing your business.
Be held accountable – A business coach is extremely helpful at keeping you accountable to goals and decisions that you’ve made. Too often new business owners feel as if they’re alone on an island with no one to turn to. Think of a business coach as a “life raft” that is there for you to grab onto when necessary.

Invest in a Business Coach Today

If you’re ready to invest in a business coach for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alice Pallum today. She can be reached by phone at (612) 799-3991. Alice will be happy to sit down with you to determine if hiring a business coach is the right move based on your current business needs.

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