Why Try Group Business CoachingRunning a business is hard. It can feel like you are “on” 24/7, with phone calls, emails and complex issues to manage on-site. The level of responsibility is unparalleled, and you may only truly understand that perspective if you are talking to another business owner. Group business coaching is an affordable resource for business owners who want to grow their business, learn from and connect with other business owners and reach the next level of success. AMP Business Coaching offers group business coaching services so that you can enjoy the many benefits of coaching while keeping your costs down.

Benefits of Group Business Coaching

There are many benefits to group coaching and reasons to try it if you own your own business. First, group coaching offers you the perspective of a trained and experienced coach as well as input and advice from other people in your exact same situation. This can foster a sense of community and provide an additional layer of support that can help you solve problems, reduce stress, increase and develop strategies for success. These contacts and relationships will benefit you even after you finish your group business coaching sessions.

In addition, group business coaching is much more affordable than one-on-one business coaching. Our coaching staff can offer the same content to multiple individuals at one time, so this cost savings can be passed along directly to you. This may be a great way to find out if coaching is a resource you want to utilize for your business down the road with a minimal investment. Finally, group coaching offers a healthy dose of accountability between participants. You can set your own goals and check in with each other about whether you are able to meet those goals. Sharing your goals with a group of colleagues gives you even more motivation to achieve your goal.

Affordable Business Coaching Services

Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching has experience leading group business coaching sessions. We work to group you with other entrepreneurs that might be facing similar challenges so that the community building and support can be most beneficial to you. As a neutral, third party, Alice can use her own experience and knowledge to provide an impartial perspective and help you grow your business and reach the success you are looking for. No one should have to do this alone! Call AMP Business Coaching at 612-799-3991 for more information.

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