Why Your Startup Needs a Business CoachIf you’re starting a new business you may or may not have heard about some of the grim statistics regarding how many small businesses fail within the first few years after opening. While this may be true, at AMP Business Coaching, we don’t want that to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. As a startup business owner, you may not think hiring a business coach is the right thing to at this very moment, but there are several reasons why it may be the best investment you make this entire year!

Why Should a Startup Hire a Business Coach?

As a startup business owner, you’re likely tracking every penny that you spend and you may think that hiring a business coach simply isn’t in your budget. At AMP Business Coaching, we’re here to tell you why you should hire a business coach.

Lean On Alice Pallum’s Experience – Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching has decades of experience working with business owners of all sizes. She can help you shortcut some of the common mistakes business owners make when they’re first starting out.
Accountability – One of the most important reasons to hire a business coach is to finally have some accountability when it comes to key business decisions. An effective business coach will encourage you to be held accountable to certain metrics to ensure you’re always doing what you need to when it comes to growing your business.
Work On Your Business Not In It – Too often business owners spend their days putting out a variety of “fires” but fail to focus on the big picture of growing their businesses. A business coach can help you to focus on what it will take to not only maintain, but take your business to the next level. Often this involves getting you out of the day to day and starting to focus on key decisions that are focused on growth and scalability.

Interested In a Free Business Evaluation?

Alice Pallum of AMP Business Coaching is extremely passionate about the many benefits of business coaching. Because of her commitment to business coaching, Alice would be happy to offer you a free business evaluation where she sits down with you to dig deep into your business. After this evaluation you can then decide if working together is a good fit for you and the future of your business. To learn more, give Alice a call or text today at (612) 799-3991.

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