Starting Your New Business Venture With A Business Coach

Starting Your New Business Venture With A Business CoachCongratulations for starting your new business! Alice Pallum and her team at AMP Business Coaching understand the difficulties that arise when starting any type of business. While starting a business here in Minnesota has its challenges, the rewards are immense. One way to shortcut this arduous process is by starting your new business venture with a business coach. Alice Pallum is a highly seasoned business coach in Minnesota with decades of experience in the business arena. Alice has worked for businesses both big and small and has a special fondness for helping startup companies get off the ground.

Goal Setting and the Business Coach

Goal Setting and the Business CoachIt is normal for business success to plateau at times and leave you looking for new ideas or perhaps a way to focus your ideas in a productive way to give you the best chance for success. A business coach may be exactly what you need to take your business and your ideas to the next level. Goal setting is one critical element for moving an idea forward and AMP Business Coaching can help you set reasonable goals and develop a specific strategy for meeting them so that you can be confident that you will achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Business Valuation

Business ValuationAre you considering selling your business? If so, you likely need an impartial third party to provide you with a business valuation. At AMP Business Coaching, one of the services we offer to our clients is a comprehensive business valuation. Alice Pallum has decades of industry experience and is the ideal business executive to help you come up with a realistic price for your business which you’ve likely worked so hard to build.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your business right away, having an accurate business valuation can be beneficial for a number of different reasons, a few of which include:

Business Startup Coach In Minnesota

Business Startup Coach In MinnesotaHave you recently made the decision to start a new business? If so, first off congratulations! Starting a new business is an incredible challenge, but the payoff can be huge! It’s important though to think about what resources you’ll have access to during the often strenuous process of launching a new business. You may want to think about hiring a business startup coach in Minnesota to help avoid many of the pitfalls that trip up new business owners. At AMP Business Coaching, Alice Pallum has been an integral part of a number of businesses, both large and small. She offers a unique perspective when it comes to helping you focus on the tasks that will help you take your new business to the next level.

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